About Us

Triolet Rare Books was established in 2011 by Jesse Rossa. The “we” of Triolet Rare Books is a misdirection of the first-person plural, as the firm is a sole proprietorship, staff of one. I earned a bachelor's degree at Hampshire College, where the theory and practice of a self-directed concentration unknowingly provided an early basis for that sole proprietorship. Having studied printmaking as an undergraduate and apprenticed with a hand bookbinder, I went on to earn an MLIS at UCLA and served as a librarian in various university and research library special collections. Circuitous bookish and artistic paths led to the founding of the company, which allows me free rein to follow new and intriguing areas of interest. While beginning with a strong focus on poetry, those interests have now expanded to include modernism, surrealism, Paris expatriate presses and authors of the 1920s (particularly women), and other avant-garde niches.

Triolet Rare Books exhibits annually at the antiquarian book fairs in California, New York, Boston, and Seattle, and works regularly with librarians as well as private clients from around the world. We issue electronic catalogues several times a year, please join our mailing list to receive a copy.

We maintain a small, carefully selected inventory, and are always interested in acquiring material in our fields of interest.



Some occasional publications and publicity:

An article on Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves, Firsts Magazine, 2001

Ezra Pound in His Time and Beyond, catalogue of an exhibition at the University of Delaware Library, 2006

A very generous review by Sunil Iyengar of that Pound exhibition

An early interview with Fine Books Magazine, 2012

A brief essay on Robinson Jeffers, 2017

Richard Hell in the Village Voice, 2017

Scott Zieher in the Village Voice, 2017

Galerie Magazine, 2020

Moderator: The Novel of the Century: Reflecting on James Joyce’s Ulysses on the 100th Anniversary of its Publication, 2022

Interview with Antiques Trade Gazette, 2024